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Darmony sustainably harvest Palo Santo in Northern Perú working closely with the native communities of artisans and farmers that carry this knowledge from their ancient cultures. Using these natural elements people can begin their journey to holistic wellness being ethical and environmentally conscious while achieving their mind, body, heart and spirit balance.

Palo Santo preimium slim sticks are carefully handcrafted from the wood of trees that have fallen and dried for at least 5 years, which are collected by the farmers and saved from the floods that happen once a year in the remote areas of the dried woods where Bursera Graveolens grow naturally. The National Forestry Agency protects this areas from illegal logging using strict surveillance and only clearing native communities for the use of this natural resource.

The native communities are working closely with Darmony in order to perfect their handcraft while elevating the experience they are sharing with the world. Premium Sticks are not only carefully handcrafted but also their packed inside a premium eco-friendly box that helps keeping the wood scent for longer time while letting it breathe.

There sticks differentiate from regular sticks and other types of cuts by the optimal size and form they carry. Premium Slim sticks are 1.5 cm thick and 10 cm long,  other cuts are thicker or have irregular shapes.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 9.8 × 4.72 × 4.72 in

1 Box (12 Packs), 6 Boxes (72 Packs), 12 Boxes (144 Packs)


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