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Our pioneering brand of natural and organic incenses based with palo santo’s milled wood, is sustainably harvested in Peruvian dry woods, supporting farmers economies and contributing to artisan’s growth.

This brand as grown worldwide very quickly, appealing fans of aromatherapy, relaxation and spirituality, which have been very receptive towards the environmental sustainability and community contribution of the brand.

Natural incenses that differentiate from coal-based regular ones, as they release little sparks while the resin is burning and their smoke creates circles in the air. Providing a captivating experience.

This Palo Santo incense stick has an authentic aroma, with woody and citrus notes. Helps people to clear bad energies from a space and personal aura. This aroma is relaxing and purifying, decreases stress and anxiety, helping concentration.

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 7.6 × 3.8 in

1 Box (50 Packs), 6 Boxes (300 Packs), 12 Boxes (600 Packs)


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